Top 6 Sources to Get Quality Backlink For Your Website Or Blog

Whenever we discuss regarding SEO “search engine optimization“, we categorize it into off site and on site. Off-site SEO predominantly contains backlinks & social signals. Particularly, to encourage your ranking in SERP you require to find quality links from other authority websites.

We all understand the significance of search engine traffic and that accessing high-quality backlinks to your blog is the way to enhance your blogs ranking and get enhanced search-engine traffic and result.  So, Here In this post, we will discuss about how to get quality backlinks for your website or blog.

1: Article Marketing:

Since a long time article marketing has been the most productive means to avail quality backlinks to your site or blog.  However, you should do article marketing on appropriate sites only. For instance, if you’re an SEO firm, you must submit content on an article directory which’s only targeting SEO site.

It’s also very essential to make productive utilization of your anchor text while attempting to promote your site via article marketing because your link is valueless if you don’t make efficient utilization of your anchor text.

2: Press Release:

Another excellent means to get high-quality backlinks to your site or blog is by making productive utilization of press release sites.

If accomplished properly, you can find plentiful backlinks from press-release websites since they’re offering content to many smaller websites and they can effortlessly get picked up by news websites which signifies more publicity and high-quality backlinks for you.

3: Link Exchange:

Though it is an old-fashioned method of getting backlink but it still works productively. While attempting to get backlinks via link exchange it’s very essential to have a detach site where you’ll be placing other people’s link because this’ll make you more secure hence stopping you from being punished by search engines.

Top 6 Sources to Get Quality Backlink For Your Website

4: Guest Blogging:

This is a superb way to build high-quality one-way backlinks to your site and not like article marketing the backlinks built via guest blogging are good quality and authority backlinks since most blogs you’ll be guest posting for have been trusted by search giant “Google” over time and they do not publish duplicate content.

Apart from that you can learn here some Top 7 Effective SEO Tips for WordPress Users

5: Blog Commenting:

There’re so many arguments revolving around the internet that blog commenting can’t be employed to build backlinks, I’m telling you what I tested and I’m assuring you blog commenting work wonder for building backlinks.

Even though it isn’t sensible to go and spam other people’s blog attempting to find backlinks from comments, but one can still utilize this procedure to their benefit by writing worthy comments only.

6: Document Sharing Sites:

Another big way to obtain quality backlinks to your website is by submitting your articles & eBooks to document sharing sites.

A lot of people are scared of using this technique, but it offers you some high quality backlinks because a lot of these websites are trusted by Google and some other reputed search engines and links from most document sharing sites are also do-follow.

If you know any other methods to get quality backlinks please feel free to leave your view in the comment section below.

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