Top 7 Effective SEO Tips for WordPress Users

It really doesn’t make any sense to have a stunning theme and an incredible portfolio that is not search engine optimized. Google, Yahoo and Bing could care less regarding your beautiful pictures and web design.

They care about things such as file names, alt tags, keywords and many other really boring technical things. Comprehending those boring technical things will bring you new success.

Here in this post, I am going to explain you some simple SEO tips for WordPress Sites that will help you get noticed by the WWW (World Wide Web). So, let’s check out what are they:

1: Content is the finest optimization:

Any kind of optimization is effective only in combination with high quality and unique content. Ideally, the text contains keywords that highlight the overall theme of the post.  The content ought to be understandable and readable. Employ your keywords wisely. Text should be written primarily for visitors, not for search engines.

2: Utilize short permalinks, including keywords:

Employ an understandable permalink. Please note that only the first four words in a permalink are relevant.  Google doesn’t care about any succeeding words in your permalink.

3: Exchange backlinks:

Exchange backlinks with other pertinent websites relating to your topics and with high authority websites (websites with high page ranking). Also link between pages within your website, but do this with caution and only if it’s relevant.  Don’t link every page to each other.

Top 7 Effective SEO Tips for WordPress Users

4: Make use of search engine optimized themes:

Some themes utilize a lot code to create the layout and design. Google will wade through the source code to find the relevant content. The more code you have, the less content and keyword density.

Fast performing themes are good for your Google ranking, since the performance of a website is one of two hundred criteria that determine your ranking.

5: Craft a sitemap in XML format:

Craft a sitemap in XML format With WordPress and plugins like Google XML Sitemaps it is a very easy task.  Google has a variety of other useful tools, too, such as Website Optimizer & Webmaster Central.

6: Add your posts to social networks:

Add your posts to social networks, But please don’t only promote yourself.  Promote other posts and websites you like.  People will honor your kindness and link back to you.

7: Don’t Employ Black Hat Techniques or Mirror html Sites:

Don’t employ black hat techniques or mirror html sites, If you try to trick Google, they will find out.  Promise.  Recently, some pretty high-profile portfolio sites were recently punished by Google for such practices.  Being devious will do more damage than good.

One of the quickest and easiest way to optimize your page ranking is to download and install an SEO plugin, like wpSEO.

With more than 70 settings available to optimize your WordPress websites, the plugin is easy to use and perfect for both beginners as well as advanced users.

Apart from that you can find much more other SEO tips for WordPress Sites in Google.

I have mentioned some major factors to optimize your WordPress sites. Do share your experience with us via comments.

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