Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Entertaining Your Kids and Toddlers

When you are a kid, road trips are a nightmare. There is nothing more terrible than being stuck in the back seat of a car for hours doing almost nothing.  The experience is identically dreadful for parents.

Fortunately, smartphones are here to revolutionize the experience of your kids. Here is my list of 7 Smartphone Apps for Entertaining Your Kids and Toddlers all the way:

1: Netflix

Having installed Netflix on your smartphone is just like carrying around a TV inside your pocket; you are able to pull out your kid’s pet TV show or movie with just a few strokes of your finger. It is an ideal diversion while kids waiting for their lunch or on a road trip.

2: PBS Kids Video

PBS provides free clips as well as complete episodes, overlooking the requirement for a monthly subscription. Renowned shows like Cat in the Hat, Word Girl, Curious George are updated one time a week with new clips or episodes.

3: Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime:

This app is not a dull digital book full of your preferred adolescent nursery rhymes; it is an interactive app. Your youngster can bang down the carving knife to slice off the tails of the “Three Blind Mice,” or thump Humpty Dumpty off the fence while the tale is read.

4: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Trust it or not, educating and amusing your youngster at the same time is really doable. With Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, your child can study to count, match colors and letters, and master other fundamental nursery skills.

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Smartphone Apps for Entertaining Your Kids and Toddlers

5: Youtube Kids

This app is ideal for children on 2 levels – first up, the application’s navigation has been simplified with huge buttons, simple searching, and immediate full-screen mode. Then next, all the videos have been run through Google’s sophisticated algorithms and has been recognized as being child-friendly.

6: Mechanic Max

Every so often road trips go incorrect and you break down. Mechanic Max guides your kids regarding such drawbacks, while also offering plenty of enjoyment along the way.

The application is packed with depictions of what you would anticipate to explore in a normal trip to a garage.

For instance, you can clean your automobile, repair sheet metal and fix lacerations & dents, scratches, adjust your vehicle with new bumpers, tires, and headlamps, and repaint your automobile in a diverse color.

7: Toca Kitchen Monsters

There’s no doubt that Toca makes some exceptional games. And Kitchen Monsters is one of the most admired apps from Toca. The objective is to prepare & cook foods for a set of monsters employing typical kitchen appliances.

So exploit these 7 Smartphone Apps For Entertaining Your Kids and witness great smile on their face. Please o let me know if any others left.

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