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Top Free Cloud Servers That You Should Start Using Right Now

Top Free Cloud Servers That You Should Start Using Right Now

Cloud computing is being pushed heavily by modern software retailers. However, internet-based services and cloud computing are not new to us. In fact, there’re several different web applications and cloud services accessible nowadays that are absolutely free.

In this post, I am going to discuss about top Free Cloud Servers that you can start using right now. So, let’s have a glance at them:

1: Hotmail & Gmail:

Who does not want to take advantage of these useful services? Both Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Hotmail achieve essentially the identical thing: they offer free web-based e-mails. Hotmail permits about 10GB attachments, whereas Gmail permits up to 20 gigabyte attachment.

2: YouSendIt:

This is a website that allows you transfer files that’re too large to transfer as e-mail attachments. The Lite version allows you to transfer files as big as 100 megabytes. The beneficiary finds a mail notice with a link as soon as the file is accessible for download.

When it comes to transfer bigger files, there is a Pro version that enables files up to two gigabytes.

3: Windows Live Sync:

This cloud service permits you to integrate directories between several computer systems. Well, this service is particularly helpful for syncing your laptop and desktop when you are on the go. Not like most other cloud services mentioned above, Windows Live Sync needs the users to set up a component on their desktop.

Top Free Cloud Servers That You Should Start Using Right Now

4: Windows Live SkyDrive:

Without any hesitation, the cloud service I utilize rather frequently is Microsoft’s SkyDrive. This is a very useful cloud-based storage facility that allows the users to store up to 25 gigabytes of data without any charges.

It also offers a simple-to-use web interface which enables you to make folders for storage and also offering drag & drop file uploading. The only technical need for making use of SkyDrive is that you should have a Window Live Account.

5: Sysinternals:

When I am discussing about free cloud services how can I overlook my favorite one “Sysinternals”. This cloud service is admired for its locally installed directorial applications. However, the mainstream of the tools can run directly as cloud service and there is no requirement to set them up locally.

Well, these tools offer all types of handy disk, file, networking & system process advantages. Browse at  to avail the cloud-based editions of the Sysinternals suite.

6: Google Apps:

This is in fact the most renowned set of cloud based application. The free edition of Google Apps comprises Google, Gmail, Google Sites, Calendar and Google Docs. As the name suggests, Google Calendar is a common online calendar that allows you to schedule & share appointments.

Google Sites allows you construct website & wikis, whereas Google Docs  enables you to make spreadsheets, documents, presentations and drawings.

Top Free Cloud Servers That You Should Start Using Right Now

7: Icloud:

This is a different sort of cloud service in comparison to the other services mentioned above. It fundamentally provides free computer online with a practical desktop. The desktop offers the user online storage and an assortment of utility apps, including calendar, word processor, web browser, and an app development surrounding.

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