Top 5 Best Ever Widgets for Android (Even in 2018)

Top 5 Best Ever Widgets for Android (Even in 2017)

Friends, here I am to let you know about some of the Best Widgets For Android. To be honest, when I 1st purchased my Android phone, I immediately feel affection for these live tiles and not to say they have gotten better with time.

Now that 2016 is already there, some of the widgets for android are still just as handy and awesome they used to be before. So, here in this post I’m going to share my top 5 favorite best widgets for Android ever. Let’s check them out:

1. DashClock Widget:

Top 5 Best Ever Widgets for Android (Even in 2017)

Picking DashClock first on this list was not that easy, but I’ve to say this widget deserve to be top on the list. You must be thinking it is just another typical widget – but trust me it can truly transform your Android experience from the time you start using it.

You’ll find nearly any extension you wish and some I found truly handy were battery stats, word of the day, weather updates and world time. Besides these, this widget also offer you several windows for your Lock Screen, enabling you to make a frictional home screen prior to you move to your real home screen.

2. Google Keep:

This widget is the second best on my listing and I feel my home screen is useless without it. By setting it on your home screen you can have a look at all your lists and notes fast, scroll it for more features and even slot in new ones on the move.

This widget is seriously fast and it can also sync your entire notes over many tablets and phones when you install them with your Google account. Overall, if you wish a widget for reminders, quick notes and to-do lists over your tablet or Android phone, then you should give Google Keep a try.

Top 5 Best Ever Widgets for Android (Even in 2017)

3. Power Toggles:

This is yet another handy home screen widget which allows users quickly pin down functions such as GPS, Wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth and many others.

This widget is absolutely customizable and one can pick from about forty different toggles beside application & shortcuts for fast access.

Whereas all these toggles & settings are available via the notification bar, having Power Toggles can certainly save you a lot of time with a few simple swipes & taps.

4. Battery HD:

Don’t you love to have an amazing battery widget? In fact, who doesn’t? While there is bounty of them accessible from the Play Store, but my favorite is “Battery HD”.

The application can show battery use graphs, stats and projected timings, which you can set to display on your home screen employing the widget.

Well, with Battery HD, it’s not much about artistic appeal rather it’s about simplicity & functionality.

5. Flipboard:

This widget is the most ideal magazine style reader for Android users and also best fit If you’re a frequent user of the main application. You just need to set the widget on your home-screen and avail a sample of fresh news in your preferred groups.

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To go to the full page of a story you simply need to tap the refresh button. Overall, this widget is an excellent means to check out fresh news or stories in our areas of interest –no matter in which corner of the world you are in.

So, friends these are 5 of the best widgets for android in my point of view, if you would love to recommend any other widgets for android please let us know via our comment section below.

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