Know If WordPress Hosting Suits Your Business Requirement

Know if Managed WordPress Hosting Suits Your Business Requirement

Are you new to WordPress who’s wondering what’s managed WordPress hosting?

Throughout your research, you possibly came across several vendors and discover that cost of managed WordPress hosting is pretty higher in comparison to the standard shared WordPress hosting which you can avail for as little as $3.95 per month.

Why there’s such a huge price disparity? Is it truly that much superior? Do I require managed hosting for my website? Which’s the finest managed WordPress hosting firm? If you’ve all these questions in your mind, then you have landed on the right page.

What’s Managed WordPress Hosting?

Because of the fame of WordPress, many web hosting vendors have selected to specialize in WordPress and provide what is called as managed WordPress hosting

Well, Managed WordPress hosting is an excellent service where all the technical facets of operating WordPress is handled by the host and this comprise of security, daily backups, speed, scalability and website uptime.

The concept behind such WordPress hosting is to provide an absolute stress-free experience, so one can concentrate on operating their business and performing what they’re great at.

Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Security – You’re virtually hacker-proof when you’re having a managed WordPress hosting vendor. They’ve an extremely firm security layer which vigorously scans for viruses and hinder all hacking endeavors.
  • Lightening Fast – Managed WordPress hosting servers are lightening quick even when your site gets too much traffic.
  • Automatic Updates – With managed WordPress hosting you don’t need to concern about regular updates because they update mechanically.
  • Daily Backups – They do daily backups and provide restore options if you ever wish to regress.
  • Professional Support – Not like other web hosts, the staffs are exceedingly educated in WordPress and they counsel you against making use of plugins that have an effect on performance. It’s like having a bunch of WordPress pros on your side for help.

Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Cost – Managed WordPress hosting is considerably more pricey in comparison to shared hosting. Basic plan generally begins around $29 per month, whereas shared WordPress hosting plan begins at $3.95 per month.
  • Limitations – since the server construction is dedicated for WordPress, quite often you’re restricted to operate only WordPress based websites. You also can’t operate all WordPress plugins.
  • Less Control – As somebody else is handling the entire technical facets, you don’t have much control.

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting, you are possibly speculating if it is the perfect solution for your business.

WordPress Hosting Suits Your Business Requirement

When Do You Require Managed WordPress hosting?

  • If you’re a starter who’s beginning a blog, then managed WordPress hosting is not required for you. You can commence with typical WordPress hosting which’s a lot more economical.
  • Now if you’re a small venture or have a high traffic site, then you must get WordPress hosting.
  • If you don’t have the technical skills, then it makes sense to have managed WordPress hosting.

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Now it is on to you to decide if managed WordPress hosting suits your requirement or not. Thank you for your time. Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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