Top 5 Major Insurance Companies Worldwide

Top 5 Major Insurance Companies Worldwide

We all encounter several sorts’ risks in our life: risk of facing a mishap, falling sick, being a fatality of a natural calamity, and on top of all the danger of life.

Well, all these jeopardize not just come with ache & suffering but also impair monetarily. In such cases, insurance is the only thing that offer surety as far as the financial part is concerned. In this post, we will have a look at some of the major insurance companies worldwide.

There’re several benchmarks on the foundation of which, such a listing can be arranged: market capitalization, premium collections, revenue, assets, geographical area, and more. This list emphasizes on insurance firms with the prevalent profits across the world.

1: AXA:

With more than 102 million consumers in fifty-six nations, AXA is certainly one of the leading insurance agencies globally. Its major businesses are casualty & property insurance, life-insurance, saving & asset management.

Introduced in 1817, the organization is headquartered in Paris and also has a presence in North America, Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

2: Zurich Insurance Group:

Founded in 1872, Zurich Insurance Group – a Switzerland based international insurance company operating mutually with its subsidiaries, works in more than 170 nations, offering insurance products & services.

The main businesses of Zurich Group comprise of general insurance, farmers and global life insurance. With its worker strength of more than 55,000, Zurich Group serves to the massive insurance requirements of individuals & businesses of all sizes.

Top 5 Major Insurance Companies Worldwide

3: China Life Insurance Group:

China Life Insurance Group is one of the China’s most prevalent state-owned insurance firms, and also a key player in the China capital market as an institutional investor. The businesses of this company are spread across pension plans, life insurance, asset management, investment holdings, etc.

The organization is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, and is the largest public life-insurance firm as far as global market capitalization is concerned.

4: United Health Group (UNH):

The UnitedHealth Group tops the list of expanded health-care ventures in the US. Its 2 business podiums Optum for health services and United Health Care for health benefits – work collectively, serving more than eighty-five million folks in all US states and 125 nations.

The organization accounted profits of $122 billion in 2013, approximately $12 billion more than in 2012. Furthermore, Fortune has Featured UNH as the ”Globe’s  most praised firm” in the insurance & managed care department  for 4 consecutive years – 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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5: Allianz SE:

Introduced in 1890, Allianz SE is one of the foremost financial service firms, offering products & services from asset management to insurance. Allianz serves to consumers in more than seventy nations with worth of €1.77 billion assets.

Its insurance products range from casualty and property to health & life-insurance products for both individual customers and corporate sectors.

Hopefully, this list will help you recognizing some of the best insurance companies worldwide. Please leave your comment below!

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